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MISSION: To spread awareness to every American about the crime of Human Trafficking-Modern Day Slavery and provide them with tools to help to identify and rehabilitate victims of trafficking.

ACTION: The Journey Film Group is taking Cargo: Innocence Lost on the road, traveling across America screening the documentary as part of the Call To Action campaign. The I stop Traffic tour is more than just a series of screenings, it brings together and involves local media, organizations, businesses, and citizens to learn, discuss, and get involved in strategies that will help and involve their community in the fight against Human Trafficking. A percentage of the Proceeds from The I stop Traffic tour will be donated to local organizations that we partner with in your town and will be used to shoot a series of Public Service Announcements that will address the aspect of the demand. These P.S.As will be available, free of charge, to any individual or entity interested in spreading awareness.


WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE: Write an email to the address listed below, if you would like your church, school, organization, etc, to be added to the list of sites we visit when the tour officially gets underway.

DONATIONS: The I stop traffic tour is privately funded by The Journey Film Group. If you would like to assist in anyway, the door is wide open to receive your help. We are always looking for volunteers to lend their talents, time, and help at venues we screen the film. Financial donations are very helpful . The tour is privately funded and needs your financial contributions.

IN ADDITION: If you have any ideas to help spread awareness using talents that you have or any special stories that you would like to share please email us as well. We welcome any positive input and information always.

Make checks payable to:

Mail to:
I Stop Traffic Tour
5042 Wilshire Blvd #131
LA CA 90036

For inquiries please contact:
EMAIL: mail@istoptraffic.com


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