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The FACT: The United States Government has estimated that there are 14,500 to 17,500 victims of trafficking in the United States but this number is just an estimation and is known to be drastically higher. The reason why the numbers are so low is because of the lack of victims being identified. This is where the community can be of absolute help.


Learn about the problem because the victims are hidden and afraid to ask for help. You must be able to look beneath the surface.

Communicate with others and spread awareness as most Americans are in the dark about the crime itself. Most people have no idea what Modern Day Slavery is. Usually the people that do know, may not be awae of the magnitude of it in America. Once an individual is armed with knowledge the level of responsibility usually increases.

Inform the Human Trafficking Task Forces when they learn of a possible victim of Trafficking. Though many of us would love to rescue a victim of trafficking on our own itís best suited for the individuals who are properly trained in this area. Getting involved on your own may put you at risk for harm by the traffickers or could tip the traffickers off, potentially affecting the case that the law enforcement could build around the traffickers and putting the victims in greater danger.

Volunteer with organizations that rescue and restore victims of trafficking. These individuals are usually mortified and alone. Getting re-assimilated back into society can take months even years. This is where the aid of the community can be advantageous.

Screen Cargo: Innocence Lost for family and friends. Get them active and involved.

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